Discovery Go app

In 2015, Discovery marketing decided to launch a new app which included thousands of shows that runs on Discovery, Animal Planet, Velocity, Investigation Discovery, and Science. 

One of the difficulties was that these shows were made on a very low budget and they didn’t have any posters for the show. In other cases, some of the shows were old enough that the distributors were out of reach to request the posters.

Therefore, our main challenge was that we were required to create thousands of posters in seven different sizes with no assets and also tight budget and deadline.

First, as one of the designers, I had to watch every show carefully and write a short summary of the storyline for the Creative Director. Based on summary and asset I would decide either to re-create or design a new key art.

2000x3000px non-branded artworks for TV set-top boxes

1152x466px artworks for online use